Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How-To Tuesdays on the Etsy Blog

Did you know Etsy has a bank of How-To Tuesday blogs full of awesome tips and tricks for making amazing things for your home, children and self? Personally, I love DIY, but I'm so busy running a graphic design business, working a day job and going to graduate school. So I prefer DIYs that take less than an afternoon of my precious weekend free time. Here are a few of my favorites from the Etsy blog:

Just for you:
Homemade Lip Balm in Upcycled Containers

Crafts with Kids:
Crafts for Parties!
Happy Camper Piñata 
Make Your Own Kite
Washi Tape Murals

(Image from Ninainvorm)

Around the House:
70's Inspired Macrame Plant Hangers
Geometric Mobiles

And just in time for easter, someone please make these adorable Easter Egg Whoopie Pies for me!

(Image from Heather Baird)

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