About Team Etsy Nola

Team Etsy Nola is a team of local Etsy sellers and other members of Etsy.com who share the love for handmade & vintage items all from NOLA. The goal of our team is to spread the word about the many local Etsy sellers of New Orleans and provide an opportunity for them to communicate with each other and with customers.

Shop locally! 
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If you are an Etsy seller who lives in New Orleans and you are interested in joining our team, please visit us on Etsy.com here:

This blog is NOT run by Etsy.com; it is run by the members of Team Etsy Nola, a team created through Etsy.com. 

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  1. Team Etsy Nola is a group of 800+ local Etsy sellers and buyers.This helps the local Etsy sellers to share about their products with each other and also to explore their business among wider audience.