Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Carnival Y'all!

Hello! Welcome to 2014 and welcome back to the Etsy Nola blog! We have exciting new members this year, and our established members have been busy creating new products, updating their sites and continuing to make a name for handmade, vintage and local items from beautiful and sunny New Orleans.

We're in full-on Carnival mode here in the Crescent City and I'm excited to start us off this year with some highlights for my top five favorite Mardi Gras themed items!

1. Home Decor. For those of you who love to show of your mardi gras obsession right from the start, I wanted to share Courtney Mahler's purple, green and gold wreaths. Keep in mind, she welcomes custom orders!

2. Hair Flair. I have fallen in love with all things feathers over the last couple of years. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time attempting to craft my own hair pieces, when all I really needed to do was consult the Etsy Nola Team. Marigold Pascual could have saved me many a glue gun burn with her beautiful creations! Below is the hair band I am currently coveting:

3. Baby Wear. New moms and dads would be doing that newborn a disservice on their first mardi gras if they didn't costume that baby up! It's important to start traditions early in this town. Check out Lilly Pie Creations custom designs for your little one.

4. Masks. There's something really wonderful about a one-of-a-kind, didn't-buy-it-on-Canal-Street mask. It's a treat to bump into a custom, handmade piece that makes you think of mardi gras past. I was very excited to find Mr. Hyde's Custom Leathers on our Team and would encourage you to think about his pieces for the season. His pieces are a little dark and show off the mysterious side of carnival season.

5. Costumes. Confession: I'm not very good at thinking up costume ideas. I love it when a piece just speaks to me and is classy, but fun and occasion-appropriate. Trapped in Time Designs have spoken to me. These are super cute and flirty dresses ready for you to take from parades to balls this season.

There are so many amazing carnival-appropriate items made by Team Etsy Nola members - be sure to check out the most up to date list of shops here, or head straight over to the group on Etsy and start shopping! Happy Carnival, y'all!

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