Friday, July 1, 2011

Artist Interview: eeHess


Earrings made with vintage beads

What type of work do you sell on Etsy?
I sell whatever art I happen to be working on at the time. Right now it's jewelry and acrylic paintings.

Describe your creative process. 
 The first painting I made actually came to me in a dream, as corny as that sounds. I woke with this crazy image in my head and couldn't get it out til I got it down on canvas. For my jewelry, I take vintage and thrifted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc and break them down to their most basic parts. Then I lay it all out and put it back together in a way that feels right to me. Sometimes I even go as far as breaking chains down to just their links and making my own chain. I didn't start using recycled materials to be eco-friendly, I simply like the idea of giving an old piece of jewelery new life, a new voice. But I do enjoy the recycled aspect of it, of course!
How has living in New Orleans inspired you?
 Living in New Orleans inspires me quite a bit. It's a city full of people that are creative and talented in so many different ways. Walking down the street you can bump into painters, musicians, dancers, and photographers all in the same block. I think that is a very unique experience to our country, if not the world. How can you not be moved to create when surrounded by that kind of energy?

Acrylic painting on canvas
Do you have any new projects or products on the horizon?
Currently I'm opening a studio with a friend in the Bywater. I'm looking forward to having more space and trying to dedicate more time to making art. It will be great to be working side by side with someone. It's so nice when you can feed off each other energy and inspire one another.

Where can we find your products in the New Orleans area, besides online?
Right now my wares are only for sale on my etsy account by I'm hoping to have my paintings up in a show by the end of the year.

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