Sunday, May 29, 2011

Artist Interview: Eden Gallery

Mr. & Mrs. Eden
Eden Gallery 

What type of work do you sell on Etsy?
We started off selling our paintings but that changed after we decided to get married. During the wedding planning process we made tons of our own wedding items. This helped us decide to put our skills to work for others! Now we sell boutonnieres, pins, brooches, fascinators, headpieces and a few other types of jewelry.

Describe your creative process.
When making jewelry our first step is to decide what we like or what we're looking for that no one offers. Then, we research what items are available to make what is in our head. This includes looking around the internet as well as flea markets and thrift stores for things we can dismantle and use for our projects. Finally, we stack lots of shiny, things on top of each other, stare at it a while, make sure we like it, glue, then repeat.

What inspires you?
Great masters like Dali, John Singer Sergeant as well as our own ideas and expectations. I think living in a place like New Orleans helps as well. There are so many people here who create and support one another’s creative outlets.  

Do you have any new projects or products on the horizon?  Our boutonnieres and headpieces are constantly evolving. We’re also meddling with the idea of glass vial necklaces.

Where can we find your products in the New Orleans area, besides online?
We come to your house! We’ve just begun a paint party project where we come to you for Art and festivities! Also, we plan on participating in some Art Markets this summer such as OCH and Freret Market.

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